Make money on wildfire

Klerks make money. On anything. For example, on wildfire. In the morning the train arrived, which arrived German friends. From the train station we were before  getting quite a while on shore of the Yenisei river. On the road talking. Ordinary people. Educated, free and kind people. In their country, meetings and demonstrations  are popular and plentiful. That’s why they live better. They do not believe cheaters. If any parasite thwart the popular vote, for the reason that there is a comma missing. Then this crafty enemy  of ecology not see out to the end of the month. Like in  legislature. Like speaker of parliament .
Arrived on shore we were admired. Looked crows and hawks. Beauty. Will now have two brooms together yard revenge. My husband and I , we want earn as much as the governor and buy a summerhouse in the restricted area of Enisey river.
Waited until  the sun  rise and becomes warmer. Floated and looked around. Far ahead we saw of the smoke. While the boats we prepared, there was no smoke. Maybe someone came kebabs frying. We raft and saw so much smoke, it is clear that the lights did not small fire, and burn area one hectare. We were going to sail past, because were set to a different goal — for gourmet-governor fences. But right before our eyes, the smoke began to emerge of the flames. We come back to row, back to the fire. Type piers and begin to stew. Besides us, who do not save the forest. Approaching slowly, because rowing against the current. We see that as a match flared pine. Something is terribly vylazit the boat to shore. Feet flame zatopchesh and you can easily fry. Waving paddles against the current language on one side, thinking what to do. I’m starting to call those who are paid a salary and call themselves rescuers. Remember the number 112. The aid is not much hope. Aunt on the phone lip color, very busy and will not be rassusolivat. Remind the unseen beauty of her room. After promising complain TradtsatChetvertuyu it a little bit less is rude. Explain Lady Fire (professionals to make money. On anything. Example in fires), which burns there where the car does not drive up and … eerie story. Siberian Shoigu resigned. Now do not care MES Siberia. Let it burn. Office fire Avialesookhrana 3 km from the center, water base MOE 4 km downstream of the Yenisei. No one moved. Big fire — a large funding. Small fire — wildlife. This shoulder straps do not care. The minister and the front of the TV band to swell clerks and croaking nonsense about litter winter. Do not use, and its benefits for. Blackmailers.


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