Boycott Universiade 2019 russia. Doping baron control Universiade russia

. Mr Rostovtsev headed the state academy which advise skiO 2017 wc and the Winter Universiade 2019. Rostovtsev was the coach of the women’s national team of Russia’s biathlon 2011 — 2014. IBU received from the WADA list of 31 Russian biathletes suspected of doping same date 2011 — 2014.
~ Medical doping laboratory exist inside Universiade 2019 advizer. International biathlon union prohibited medical stuff over 4 years, start from 2006.
~ Four Russian skeleton athletes have been provisionally suspended by the International Bobsled and Skeleton Federations for alleged doping rule violations at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Athletes were train by wsoc2017 advizer
~ «I admit the fact of tge presence off illicit drugs in my body. I did not know that the drug“ …. Yaroshenko, the press conference RUSADA, 22.12.2009 Athlete was train by wsoc2017 advizer.
~ Biathlete Olga Pyleva was caught on the use of doping, when get silver medal at winter olympiade 2006. She established absolute record for the number of gold medals won in a single sports season among Russian biathletes. Doping and steroid again? She was born near Krasnoyarsk. Athlete was train by wsoc2017 advizer.

Universiade 2019 ADVISERS TESTED DOPING TECHNOLOGIES IN KRASNOYARSK. You can drawn this conclusion if read conversation between leaders of rusada. MacLaren wada officer published conversation :
— leave it with those versed with what they fed him (the drugs). I cannot wait for three days especially when such filth hanging about you know nothing. But quietly- who is it
— This chaos must Ье stopped in Ьiathlon. How much had been eaten, in order to win 18 seconds with clean shots and four penalties!! lts weeds- on а pile of rubЬish.
Rodchenkov got doping samples from Krasnoyarsk. 2869203, М, international competition 1 5036, the selection of 2014-03-07, RU Krasnoyarsk

* The NADOs said: *russian sports bodies should be banned. The proposals were written and endorsed by anti-doping leaders from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States. It is imperative that those responsible for Russia’s state-supported system are held accountable.
» We are not participating in championships russia 2017 — a place where olympic spirit was stolen. and state rule doping. wada‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬. BR CZE NOR: we demand relocate world champ from rus this winter». gbr Lead Boycott of WC in Russia. GBR will not compete at BWC8 in Russia March 2017 . On Tuesday morning (20 Dec) The Czech Republic withdrew their teams (placed 3rd in Nations Cup (Women), and 6th (Men) and will not compete in Russia again until WADA and the IOC have given their approval that Russian Anti-Doping procedures are “clean”. That afternoon Norway demanded that IBU strip of all sport events until the procedures are “clean” and also immediately ban all named Russian biathletes . If these demands are not met Norway will consider boycotting all events in RUS.
Russian WC athletes not do sport. It was unprecedented booing of the Russian female athlete who won the Sprint at WC 2 last weekend in Nove Mesto. Moreover, the Board felt that the whole integrity of the very successful London 2012 Olympic Games has been called into question. Finally, many of the results from Sochi must be regarded as “a joke”
* IBU Press Release: Extraordinary IBU Executive Board Meeting Decisions on Further Steps Regarding McLaren Report December, 22 2016 Munich, Germany
Severe *problems in russian sport and it`s – doping. IBU President Anders Besseberg stated: “This is a step to show to the IBU and to the world of sport that the current situation is taken very seriously. Findings of the McLaren Report indicted severe problems in Russian sport “ * New york times : russia officials carried out one of the biggest conspiracies in sports history: a far-reaching *doping operation that implicated scores of russian athletes*
Professor richard h. mclaren : russian athletes have benefited from a systematic, centralized and institutionalized control manipulation. and cover up of the *doping* control processes used / //
* world cup speed skating event also removed from russia following #mclarenreport findings. #doping
Boyccot Universiade 2019 russia plz repost this to officials, sportsmen and journalists in your country. in march russia organized Universiade 2019. you must write to orienteering federation, ask do not visit russia and change organizer to other country